Walmart Chili

All of the ingredients of this dish are Walmart (Great Value) brand. It's medium spicy meaning it will burn a little but not rot your mouth out.

1 Mild Chili Seasoning mix

1 Hot Chili Seasoning mix

1 Can “Chili ready” tomatoes

1 Can diced tomatoes

2 Cans red beans

1 Lb 93 percent lean ground beef or ground turkey or ...

Brown ground beef in pressure cooker (or whatever you want to cook chili in ).

Add tomatoes, beans and mix packets.

Cook for 6 minutes in pressure cooker and wait 5 minutes and cool cooker under cold water.



If you prepare it in a non-pressure cooker, simmer for 30 minutes. If you don't want to waste the water to cool the pressure cooker, just wait for the pressure to dissipate.