Delivery plans




I plan on bringing her up to Georgia to be berthed somewhere in the Brunswick area around the middle of May. I have two friends that will be helping me. One of them is a sailor and the other is a powerboater, but we'll let him come anyway. It's about 300 miles from Fort Pierce to Brunswick and I anticipate that it will take us 5-6 days depending on the weather, bridge openings (if we have to do the ICW), etc.


One of my friends is bringing one of his friends so there will be four of us now. If we decided to make an overnight the extra person will come in handy. We met to discuss the trip and introduce everyone. Three of us shared a pitcher of beer. At least we know there will be one person sober at all times.

I've only have a few thousand things to do before we are able to make this trip. There's the work to be done by the yard. Of course, they wouldn't start working on it until I could prove I owned it. I think I officially owned it on 17 April, but I didn't know it until the 23. Oh well. I received the work order by fax, scratched out the items I though were seriously, outrageously priced and sent it back. Damages? Almost $1800. It would have been over $3000 if I'd let them do it all. Gotta run, more later.